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Credit card payment problem:

Payment issues occur: 2 common types
You can complete the payment through these two methods,
1: Call the credit card center and explain that you are using this money for consumption,

2: It is recommended to provide credit card photo verification for high-risk failures. For safety reasons, the middle digit can be blocked, and only the first and last 4 digits need to be displayed and sent to our email  ( [email protected] )And order number:
Or if it is a regular customer of the website, providing screenshots of previous successful transactions can provide you with feedback on heavy deductions

Because the withholding bank will feed back different results, the following reasons are usually displayed for failed orders:
1. Do not honor/unauthorized: the cardholder's telephone authorization is required. Explain to the issuing bank that the payment is made in person. Please release; After authorization, inform us that it is usually successful to send the deduction again.
2. High risk failure: credit card or ID photo is required, the middle number of the card can be blocked, and the first four digits and the last six digits of the card number are reserved; If you are a regular customer of your website, the previous successful deduction record can also be deducted successfully again
3. Fraud suspicion of Fraud suspicion: The bank will feed back the deduction result according to the payment information of the cardholder. For example, the cardholder pays too frequently or the payment amount is too high in the short term. This consumption behavior of the cardholder violates the bank's risk control rules. The cardholder is listed as the bank's list of possible fraudulent transactions, so the bank rejected the transaction, and suggested that it try to place the order again or change the card for payment after a period of time
4. Expired card expired/cancelled credit card: It is recommended that the cardholder contact the bank or check whether the expiry date of the card is filled in incorrectly
5. Insufficient funds/over credit limit
6. Stolen or Lost Card: It is recommended to place a new order and change the card for payment
7. The classification code of refusal of payment fed back by the Payment Declined bank can be sent to the group for specific check
8. Invalid transaction: It is recommended that the cardholder consult the issuing bank to see if there are any restrictions on the card, or other types of cards are not supported, such as cards that can only be used for refueling. Such transactions are not allowed
9. CVV2 failure credit card security code failed: there will be a verification code on the back of the customer's card. It is suggested that the customer check the card information and place a new order to pay CVN is invalid
10. Canceled: The payment is frequently submitted within 24 hours, and the risk control intercepts it. If it does not enter the system, the serial number can be sent to the group. Here is the specific check
If you don't know the reason for the failure, please contact our customer service email:
O[email protected] , you can contact the customer after the inquiry
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